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Wikipedia is the most prominent platform to keep the online presence going. It is why everyone is looking for creating a Wikipedia page, especially actors. Wikipedia has been in the top ten most visited sites for several years now.

Now you can create a Wikipedia page for an artist very easily. What you have to do is to understand the concept of the platform and work accordingly on the content to have a Wikipedia page.

How To Create An Artist Page On Wikipedia – Guidelines To Go Through

Before you start writing or creating a Wikipedia page for an actor, you must go through the Wikipedia policies and guidelines. They will help you to understand the prospect of Wikipedia and how it works. Additionally, it will help you in designing the content according to its standards.


At first, you have to make sure that the topic you are selecting to create a Wikipedia page is notable. In your case, creating a Wikipedia page for an actor, this requirement will be fulfilled. Wikipedia Notability is the notable thing a subject has achieved. For an actor, it can be anything, such as national or international recognition, a blockbuster movie, a high-rated drama, or anything else.


Wikipedia vandalism means any activity that is intended to harm Wikipedia’s purpose (providing a free encyclopedia in various languages and presenting the sum of all the human knowledge). You should take care of your content, it should not be harmful to anyone. Ensure that you are not adding irrelevant vulgarities, rudimentary humor, blank pages, and inserting nonsense into the page.

Core Content Policies

If you are writing for a Wikipedia page, then you must know that there are three principal core content policies – neutral point of view, verifiability, and no original research. The editors on the platform must ensure that they are familiar with these three equally. They are,

Neutral Point Of View:

The online encyclopedia has strict guidelines about the point of view. If you are thinking about how to get an artist's Wikipedia page. First, you have to understand, for the page to go live you must create it with a neutral point of view. It is to present the artist page more fairly, proportionally, and without a biased POV.


Here Wikipedia verifiability refers to the means that other people who use the platform can cross-check the information that you have stated in your content. They must be able to ensure that the information is derived from authentic resources. Keep in mind that Wikipedia doesn’t publish any original research, which means you have to provide the support and back up of your statement in the form of third-party resources.

No Original Research:

None of the Wikipedia articles contains original research, and your article about the actor must follow the same rule. No original research means that you cannot put a statement without reference to the published sources. This will include any examination or hypothesis that you assumed by yourself. Your studies and point of view are not eligible to be in the content if they are not supported by other published resources.

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How To Get A Wikipedia Artist Page

Now the part where you will how to make a Wikipedia page for a celebrity. After reading the guidelines, you start the crafting phase.

Do Extensive Research

The first thing you have to do is to research the topic. If you are creating a wiki page for an actor, then you must go through every website, magazine, interview,and newspaper that has relevant information about the subject.

You must collect every piece of data to put it on the page. You must go through each and every source that seems useful for the creation of the page. Once you complete your research about the subject, move to the next step.

Create An Outline

The outline is most important when you are writing. The outline helps you as a map. It guides throughout the writing process. So, if you miss the part of how to make a Wikipedia page for an artist, then you might be in trouble.

Create the outline chronologically to understand what you want to add first, in the middle and what has to be left for the last. Plan your writing according to it, and you will write the page without any difficulty. This step is helpful to avoid distraction, disturbance, and writer’s block.

Write Your First Draft

The next step is writing the first draft of your Wikipedia page. Make sure that you keep the tone of your writing professional. It has to be in a formal style and with no plagiarism because it will cause the page to be rejected.

The first draft is always messy. So, without any problem, write the first draft according to the outline you create. But make sure that you add all the information and has references and citation for every piece of data.

Edit Your Draft

Moving to the next step, you have to edit your draft. Editing is the most important part of writing because it doesn’t matter how good you are as a writer, there are chances that you left some mistakes in your draft. And to remove them you should read your content two to three times. Correct any grammatical or spelling mistakes. Also, ensure that you add all the information accurately.

You can also take help from family members, friends, or colleagues to help you edit the article. This is how they might pick out some mistakes that cannot be seen by your eyes.

Create Wikipedia Account

Now you have to create a Wikipedia account. For this, you have to visit the Wikipedia official page. At the upper right corner, there is a create account button. The next page will load. Add all the information and verify your account. Now, you are ready to use your Wikipedia account.

NOTE: Your account has to be four days old, and you must make ten edits to be eligible to create an account.

Submit The Page

Now submit your article to the platform. Make sure that you follow all the guidelines to get the page approved.

It takes almost three to six months for the article to go live. Now you have to wait for the page approval by the platform.

Manage And Update Your Page

Once your page gets live online, you have to continue maintaining your page. Update the page about the actor regularly. Get notified for every change, the editor correct it if it has any harmful effect on the page.

Once you have the idea about how to make an artist page on Wikipedia. You can create it without any problem and enhance its visibility. The Wikipedia page is a great source to boost the credibility and trustworthiness of celebrities, and it has the power to reach an international audience.