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Start With an Uplifting Online Venture With a Wikipedia Page

You might have already viewed and gone through the Wikipedia pages of athletes, but do you know what are the perks an athlete can get if he has a Wikipedia page? What is the systematic procedure that a Wikipedia page service provider follows? And what are the “must haves” to create a Wikipedia page for an athlete?

If not then you have come to the right place for sure. Here you will get to learn about the answers to all the above-mentioned questions that will benefit you in case you are thinking of creating a Wikipedia page for athletes.

What perks an athlete can get if he has a Wikipedia page?

Prior to creating a Wikipedia page, an athlete must be well cognizant of the perks he can get by creating the one. An athlete will get motivated to get a Wikipedia page for himself and will take certain measures to create it if he is aware of all these uncountable and exclusive perks of having a Wikipedia page.


The first and foremost perk an athlete can get from his Wikipedia page is notability. It is the thing that matters the most for any sports person, artist, or any other professional. Because most of them devoted their lives to their profession in order to get the ultimate fame. So, it is imperative for them to get acknowledgment and recognition from their fan base, that’s what they do hard work for. Wikipedia can fulfill their desire of getting attention and make them notable within no time. All they need to do is to have a Wikipedia page that sails.

Millions of Followers

In this era of the internet and technology, getting millions of followers is not rocket science anymore. But the thing that matters the most in gaining progressively more followers. A single right decision can help athletes or any other sports person to win this battle. For the purpose of getting organic followers in millions, Wikipedia is the most eminent platform.

Become an Ideal

Sports fans and followers like to read and know about their favorite athletes. For which they start searching their name on google and read news and articles about an athlete. So, in case, the athlete has a Wikipedia page where a fan can get all his basic bio, his athletic journey, and his success story that inspires that inspires them, so they can become an ideal for their fans. That’s the most interesting perk for an athlete having their own Wikipedia page.

Brand Endorsements

It is obvious that if an athlete has a Wikipedia page, he would become famous faster than usual. As he is a notable person who has a huge fan base, it is obvious that a lot of brands approach him for brand endorsement. Brand endorsements and getting paid from commercials are a few other money-making opportunities for athletes.

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How To Make a Wikipedia Page for an Athlete: A process followed by Wikipedia companies

Acquiring the Wikipedia page service that works best is the trickiest task. But if an athlete becomes successful in hiring a page creator, then he should be mindful of the process that is followed by the legit companies in order to get an instant approval for the Wikipedia page.

Gathers client’s Brief

At first, all companies that work systematically gather the client’s brief. The purpose of brief collection at the initial phase is to get to learn what the client wants so that the companies will make a certain hierarchy by following which they can provide the outcomes as per the client’s expectations.

A lot of companies design their own questionnaire and hand it over to the client to get it filled out, in order to learn about all the basic details at the same time regarding the project. To make sure that the workforce does not bother clients again and again by asking the same questions repeatedly. The further procedure will be easy if the team gets everything about the page written in black and white.

Drafting And Composition

The next procedure followed by the companies is Wikipedia page creation once the brief gathered is drafting and composition. After knowing about the needs and requirements of the client, the Wikipedia writer starts organizing the draft with useful facts, information, and other related stats and articulates them through the sentences to compose a writing sample. All the info gathered by the writers is for the Wikipedia articles.

Editing And Proofreading

Just after the drafting and composition, the further step followed by the Wikipedia service providers is editing and proofreading. That’s another part that cannot be skipped. Editing and proofreading are to make the content readable, scannable, and skimmable. The process involves going through each and every line of the text carefully in order to eliminate the mistakes right away.

In this procedure, editors and proofreaders are supposed to correct grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, and other blunders by the writers. While creating an article page for athletes it is important to do proofreading in order to verify that the mentioned facts are authentic, legit, and credible.

Submission And Publishing

After editing and proofreading the next step followed by the companies is the submission and publishing of the Wikipedia articles. Once the editors are sure that the article is ready to get published on Wikipedia, they submit it to the Wikipedia authorities and wait for it to be approved and published on the Wikipedia platform.

To get the instant approval and publishing of an athlete page it is important that the mentioned facts are authentic and must be verifiable from notable sources. Creators must give a good read to the Wikipedia guidelines about article creation.

The “Must Haves” to create a successful Wikipedia page for athletes

It is important to know about such basics that are most required to create a successful Wikipedia page for an athlete. Otherwise, all the tiring efforts can be wasted if the authorities do not approve the page or delete it even after publishing, by breaching any of Wikipedia’s policies.


To create a Wikipedia page for anyone the first and foremost thing to do is to conduct comprehensive research and gather all the useful information about the subject that a writer is going to address. Another significant thing is to know about the Wikipedia policies regarding the Wikipedia page creation

An autoconfirmed Wikipedia account

The next most important thing that is needed to create a page for an athlete is to have an autoconfirmed Wikipedia account. To get an autoconfirmed account the dire need is to perform at least 10 edits and the account must be 4 or more days old. Once the account is autoconfirmed then the article creation process can be started right away.

Edit already existing articles

Another prerequisite of article creation is that the article creator must have to edit at least 10 existing articles on Wikipedia prior to creating any new ones. While editing the existing articles they should be very careful and conscious that the information they entered must be credible authentic and verifiable.

Collect sources for citations

Last but not least, in order to add credibility to the content, it is vital to add references from authentic and valid sources. The collection of sources for citations is the most crucial part that requires a lot of attention.

As of now, you know about the benefits, procedures followed by the companies, and the requirements to create a Wikipedia page for an athlete so you can start your Wikipedia page creation journey for an athlete without wasting a second.