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Start Having An Amazing Journey For Your Company With A Wikipedia Page

Businesses in the world are growing as fast as other things are. The digital influence has created a greater influence, and some businesses have created an unforgettable impact. They are known among the known names having sheer significance.

To begin with, many businesses have their Wikipedia pages, and they have managed to make a larger impact so they remain relevant to their users. These pages are not created as easily as one may think. Businesses who don’t know what is Wikipedia are missing a lot. So, what is Wikipedia? Let’s have a look.

A Look at What Is Wikipedia

If you don’t know, Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia. It was created over ten years ago, catering to every user on the internet. The platform is maintained by a group of volunteers, and contributors who play their part to maintain the website. If you look at the stats, As of September 2022, there are 6,548,711 English articles.

The articles are the building blocks of Wikipedia and the number of articles is growing over time. Wikipedia is a verified and credible platform welcoming article every day. With such a robust profile it is an amazing place to join. There are other characteristics attached to the importance of having a Wikipedia page.

Is It Worthy To Have A Wikipedia Page?

Wikipedia serves great value to its readers and users. It is used the most and ranks among the top 10 websites on search engines.

When you create a Wikipedia, it opens an endless perk no matter what your business is about. The growth of the internet has allowed making businesses easier to operate and for their customers. If you are going to make a Wikipedia page, you have to remember it cannot be used as a platform to promote your business.

So, why businesses should make a Wikipedia page? Well, there are so many reasons to Create a Wikipedia Page For My Business.

Building Credibility

Credibility is what a business needs to Keeps it alive. Therefore, Wikipedia helps in maintaining and help in building a profile on Wikipedia. If you are on Wikipedia, you can have higher traffic on the platform. The users can trust your business more, and it creates a greater benefit for your business and its growth.

A Boost In SEO

SEO is similar to content; it is the king. SEO rankings are the most important part of the business. A Wikipedia page can help in boosting business rankings When you create a Wiki page, you can add the targeted keywords to it that are helpful in enhancing SEO ranking and bringing up your Wikipedia page on the top of the page results. Hence, it will boost visibility and help create a major difference for the visitors.

Promotes Individuality

There are many platforms that help in building the identity of businesses. Wikipedia page creation is among the most impactful ways to build an identity for your business. So, if you are looking to make a distinct identity for your business Wikipedia is an amazing option to go with.

These benefits are more than one can think for their business. Businesses no matter how big or small are they, it can leave a forever impact on them. Wikipedia has set some bars, not every business is eligible and creates a Wikipedia page. Moreover, now you can get enlightened on How To Make A Wikipedia Page For My Company.

What Allows Businesses to Make a Wikipedia Page?

Here comes the most important aspect of creating a Wikipedia, what are the eligibility criteria? Well, notability is the official trait that tells whether a business is eligible to have a Wikipedia page or not. So, if you are planning to Make A Wikipedia Page For Your Business take a step back. First, let’s have a look at what is notability.

“A business needs to collect ample reliable sources that are independent of the subject. All the sources have to be from verifiable sources. Furthermore, trivial mention or incidental coverage or a mention is not considered to be eligible for a business Wikipedia page.” – Notability (businesses)

Notability cannot be linked with popularity as there are a lot of differences between the two. Being an encyclopedia Wikipedia does not accept everything as notable. It needs to be worthy and valuable to the readers.

A notability is proved by its third-party sources, and it must have verifiable information to justify the creation of a Wikipedia page. The Wikipedia applicants are confused between the two, but that does not stop them from applying for a Wikipedia page. However, there are two things that can occur, either the page will be rejected, not published, or be merged with another article.

You may know your business is notable, but how do you prove it? Reliable sources are what prove notability, they measure the possibilities. A Wikipedia page creation also depends on two factors, No inherent notability and no inherited notability.

No inherent Notability Vs No Inherited Notability

No organization regardless of what kind of organization qualifies as inherent notability. Just because an organization barely exists does not make it notable or for just receiving a little recognition.

No business can have a Wikipedia page if its business is associated with an influential name. These qualities do not affect them in any way.

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The Primary Criteria for Creating a Wikipedia Page

Don’t worry, here is how you can qualify for creating a Wikipedia page. Here are some significant points mentioned by Wikipedia on How To Create A Wikipedia Page For A Business

You need to collect a great collection of reliable and independent sources. The coverage needs to be from multiple sources that can be verified and are not a part of any promotional campaign. Moreover, the sources are required to be from third-party sources used as secondary sources.

All the work and content collected must be independent of the subject. You cannot providing any links that are based on self-promotion or written by you. Moreover, affiliated content is also not considered suitable for having a Wikipedia page.

For further details take a look at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Notability#General_notability_guideline

What Are Primary And Secondary Sources?

When you learn How To Create A Wikipedia Page For A Brand, take a step ahead in your research and learn about some light points that create a difference. Take a look at the difference between primary and secondary sources.

Primary Sources Secondary Sources
Original Research Journals
Tabloid media Reviews and textbooks
Social Media Public Government Records
Interviews Verified News Channels

What Is Verifiability On Wikipedia?

As you know verifiability is one of the most important aspects, it is simply a test to see the information is real or just made up. Wikipedia does not publish anything taken from the original research. So, it is important to see and check verifiability before adding anything in the content. You should not fail to maintain a neutral neutral point of view.

How To Make A Wikipedia Page For An Organization

There is a process to create a Wikipedia page, and it is necessary to follow it. Wikipedia does not have a ritual to make a page directly when you write an article. The first part to start a Wikipedia page is to create an account. Creating an account will help you in entering the platform.

Furthermore, you can also start to learn how to compose Wikipedia content for the article. to write content, they have set a specific style that is the official way to write an article. So, in the process where you want to know How To Create A Wikipedia Page For My Business, learn the style to write a Wikipedia article.

Three Major Content Policies to Write A Perfect Article

Here are the three major points defined by Wikipedia to write a Wikipedia article.

Neutral Point Of View

While writing articles, it is important to keep the content away from any kind of bias or hate. The main idea of a neutral point of view is to make neutral, engaging, and compelling content that does not have any kind of editorial bias. It is the fundamental rule on content policies and is non-negotiable.


Reliability is another vital part of writing content for Wikipedia, as it is required to prove its credibility. All main space material including, quotes, lists, and captions must be linked. Wikipedia emphasizes assuring content’s reliability. Sometimes, there are chances for content to be challenged.

No Original Research

Research is essential for Wikipedia but no original research. The articles cannot contain original research and have to be from secondary sources. According to reliable sources, it cannot be plagiarized or violate the copyright. Moreover, sources cannot be used as a rewrite.

What Does Wikipedia Say About Copyrights violation? Copyright is not allowed on Wikipedia; it does not add value to content. Therefore, if you see there is a copyright violation, contributors can remove any type of copyright content they find.