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Create an intriguing online portfolio with a Wikipedia page

Wikipedia is a website for everyone to read and find details about any topic. When you search for anything on Google most likely you will see the first link of Wikipedia about the topic. And this is what increases the demand for the platform.

The key reason for it is that people trust the platform to provide them with information they are looking for. And this feature of Wikipedia makes it essential to create a page for your band. The Wikipedia page can do wonders for your credibility as a musician.

However, creating a Wikipedia page is not easy, there are some things here that help in getting a Wikipedia page approved. The Wikipedia page is helpful for independent musicians and bands to gain reputation in their industry.

Wikipedia pages are considered a trustable source of information about any subject, whether it is a musician, or a band.

So, if you don’t know how to create a Wikipedia page for a musician. You don’t have to panic, the guide cna help you to get a Wikipedia page.

Make A Wikipedia Page for Your Band

Making a Wikipedia page requires a lot of research and understanding its Wikipedia guidelines. If you want to create a Wikipedia page for a band that gets approved in less revision, then you must know the basics of the platform.

Give Full Details

Lastly, you want to leave the readers half-hearted because they can’t find the full information on the Wikipedia page. The Wikipedia page is supposed to be filled with information about the musician.

You must write everything about the musician. It includes the reconvocations, achievements, discographies, band members, performances, and much more. But every piece of information you include on your page must have a provable source that can back up your statements.

These are some of the things that you should have to keep in mind when writing a page for a musician or a band.

Musicians Should Not Write Own Page

Undoubtedly, no one can understand the musician better than himself . But on Wikipedia, it is good if the musician doesn’t write on their page. As discussed above, Wikipedia only accepts unbiased pages, and it is hard to not be biased when writing about yourself.

The musicians cant take help from anyone who can write the page on behalf of the writer. The Wikipedia page management services are there to help you with the writing and creating of the Wikipedia page for the band.

References And Citations

References and citations are another essential part of a Wikipedia page. You have to gather all the verifiable sources to solidify your statements. You can pick the sources from anywhere. It could be from music magazines, journals, articles, blogs, and any other sources that you can claim as a third party. Make sure you don’t add primary information to your research. Because the platform doesn’t accept any original research. All your statement have to be verifiable by the already published sources.

No Biased Content

No matter how much you want to praise the musician in the content you shouldn’t do it. Wikipedia doesn’t accept articles and pages, even with the slightest hint of promotion or biased opinion. So, you have to stick with the natural point of view.

You can do this by reading the draft from the reader’s perspective. If you feel like it is praising the musician or band, remove it.

Be Notable

If you want to have a Wikipedia page for a musician. First, you have to ensure that the band or musician have a notable position. Make sure to have physical proofs to claim the fame of the musician or for your infamy.

The Wikipedia pages that don’t have any proof to claim the notability of the subject are conditioned to be erased from the platform. That is why to keep the page for the musician you should have the notability proofs.

You can always clear that you’re an infamous musician by presenting the reviews of the critics, interviews, and articles that have been in the public eye and media.

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Create A Wikipedia Page for A Band

Creating a Wikipedia page is a matter of months. You have to go through stages to keep your page up to the standards of the platform and then submit it for review by the platform’s editors.

Write And Edit

Start writing the Wikipedia page for the musician. You should go in chronological order to describe everything in a timely manner. Take care of your tone and styling. It has to be formal and professional. You are not writing a blog, don’t make your tone casual or conversational.

After the writing, you must go through the draft several times to ensure that it is mistake-free. Any unnecessary information will make the page look bad. Not only this, but the lack of information also has a bad effect, so edit it out quickly. Make sure that you don’t have any grammatical or spelling mistakes in your draft.

Gather The Sources

The next thing to do is to gather all the resources that you might require to support your article. You should do proper research and find as many sources as you can. When you create a Wikipedia page for a band you must incorporate every information you find from published resources. Once you have data. stored in a place you won't face any hassle.

Also, ensure that the information you are getting is from authentic and trustable sources. References and citations are most crucial and a mistake can ruin credibility of the page.

Research About Wikipedia

Creating a Wikipedia page will become easier if you do good research about the platform before writing the page for the musician. You must understand every policy and guideline about the platform. Notability, vandalism, plagiarism, core content policies, resources, and citations are the main things you should know about very well.

Submit The Draft To Wikipedia

After finalizing your draft, you can submit it to the platform. For this, you have to create an account first on Wikipedia. After creating an account, make at least ten edits and wait for some says, it can be upto 4 days. After that, you will be eligible for creating a page for a band after that.

Now, you can paste the article into the article wizard and submit it for review. The usual waiting time for page approval is between three to six months. Make sure you put everything in order and correctly.

The After Maintenance

After your page goes live, you have to keep an eye on it. Ensure that you update the page regularly and track all the editing by other editors. Losing track of the musician page on Wikipedia can be troublesome for you. So, don’t forget to keep a check.