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How To Create Wikipedia Page for a Politician?

Who will not want to be well-known? There is an unending array of renowned and famous personalities, who aim to do incredibly good to serve their life for others.

One of the most prestigious and reputable platforms in the modern period is Wikipedia. As you are all aware, Wikipedia delivers noteworthy and reliable information about a variety of subjects, whether they are related to enterprises, history, or politicians. Without a doubt, Wikipedia is the largest source of providing the most fascinating and interesting knowledge on a wide range of topics.

However, Wikipedia is regarded as a thorough encyclopedia that guarantees to provide accurate information about anything. It not only provides legit knowledge but also gives you a chance to elaborate on who you are. Moreover, you have the authority to choose the language of your choice. It means on Wikipedia you can write an article in almost 304 languages.

Wikipedia is now recognized as the revolutionary online encyclopedia. It has over 6 million articles in English. Due to its authenticity, the platform is still growing day by day. It creates SEO-optimized content to mark your page on top SERPs. Additionally, it helps people in creating an amazing online position and helps to gain fame across the world.

Those who want to know about “how to create a Wikipedia page for a politician,” so let’s delve into it this read!

Wikipedia Article Template For Politicians

Wikipedia's regulations and procedures must be thoroughly understood before a page can be created. One of the first things you should take into account is if a politician is qualified to have a Wikipedia article. To make sure that your information must be pertinent and adhere to wiki page development regulations, you merely need to read the content creation guidelines.

There is a template for every page creation category on Wikipedia. It is important to look at the Wikipedia template for politicians. If you are seeking the major element for creating a wiki page for a politician or asking for “how to make a Wikipedia page for a politician,” you should concentrate on the following six points for the politician page:

  • Early Life
  • Career
  • Works
  • Political Views
  • Reference
  • Further reading

Step 1 Understand Wikipedia Page Creation Guidelines

Wikipedia page creation guidelines are crucial to follow. Without following them, no one can create a perfect page that gets approved by its authorities. Yes, it is true that getting an approved Wikipedia page, especially for a politician is not easy. It is because they create content that initiates a conflict of interest and disrupts the core content creation policies. Wikipedia is not a place where you promote and advertise any content. They strongly recommend creating content that gives better insights on different topics.

For creating a Wikipedia page for a politician, take an overview each page creation and account creation guideline. Make sure your page lies under the arena of definite rules, so you can show the notability and credibility of your Wikipedia page.

Step 2 Get Your Account on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia to write and edit information. But if you want to access specified features for article creation, you need to create your account. The account creation process is the simplest and easiest thing ever. You just need to find the ‘Create an Account’ option on the Wikipedia page and fill in your personal information. Avoid adding any fake information, or your account will be blocked by its authorities. So, create a unique username and password to secure your account.

After that, you have to become a reputable editor by doing credible and verifiable edits on outdated pages. Make sure to link the resource with an authentic site to build your reputation.

Step 3 Gather Relevant Information About The Politician

Research is the most essential and crucial part of your Wikipedia page. You need to collect the most verifiable information to engage readers. Make sure the information you add covers everything including the good and bad. Never try to create promotional content by discussing their good side. Your information must contain any scandal and controversy they faced at their times.

Try to gather the information from research papers, articles, and newspapers to show that your content is not original research, verifiable, and written from a neutral perspective.

Step 4 Conduct Notability Test

For a politician page, you have to conduct a notability test. The wiki authorities ensure that the politician you want to discuss is renowned and has some significant coverage or not. There are certain guidelines that you have to consider. Some of the mentioned below;

  1. A politician should be a member of the reputable or official political party
  2. He/she appoints as the legislative body or presidential stage
  3. Must nominate for a national or international level as a politician
  4. He/she should be a partaker in the judiciary system of the country

Step 5 Write Relevant Content

Make sure you create optimized content by indexing proper keywords. Create top-notch content that is free from any bias or personal information. Create your Wikipedia politician page from a neutral point of you to eliminate any conflict. You have to be acquainted with sufficient knowledge so you can build a comprehensive page with perfect formatting and citations.

Step 6 Submit To Wikipedia Authorities

In this step, you must submit your final draft to the Wikipedia authority. The official editors of the website will go through the article you submit and evaluate it. And if they find your page up to mark of Wikipedia standard, Your page will go live. Although it will take some months. But you will see the progress eventually.

Step 7 Wait For Approval & Maintain It

All you have to do is to sit and wait for the page approval. It will take between three to six months maximum. After Wikipedia publishes your page, you have to work on monitoring it. You must edit your Wikipedia page from time to time to provide updated information to the readers.

Always check for the edits made by other editors. If you find something damaging your integrity, you must change it and correct the edition. Keep an eye on your page for authenticity and reliability.

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What Should Be On A Politician's Wikipedia Page?

  1. The politician's name.
  2. His role and position in politics
  3. Information about their birthplace, etc.
  4. It must contain some crucial information related to the hobbies and interests of politician
  5. Organized information with the right formatting. You can include headings, lists, categories, & resources. It will let the reader engage in the article that shows the information you include is legit and verified.
  6. Include accurate citations as mentioned by Wikipedia authorities
  7. Wikipedia page for politicians must contain their good and bad impacts both. Must discuss their scandals if they are involved in them. This gives readers an amazing insight into their political careers.
  8. Talk about the controversies of the time he faced as a politician.
  9. An overview of the politician's background and history should be included in the 'About' portion of the page.
  10. The page you created about politicians must contain basic information such as their career, early life, education, occupation, accomplishment, and views about politics.